Geotechnical Investigation (Onshore and Offshore)

Soil Investigation

  • Drilling for engineering and mining (Coring in Rock, Auger, Wash Boring Percussion, Down the Hole Hammer)
  • In-situ testing (SPT, DPT, CPT, PCPT, Vane Shear Test)
  • Field Sampling (Shelby, Dennison, California Sample, Split Spoon Sampler, Laskey)
  • Geophysical Testing (Electrical Resistivity, Seismic, Cross Hole Testing, Thermal Conductivity Testing)
  • Site Surveys / Reconnaissance / Geoelectrical Assessment of Site Conditions
  • Geophysical and Geological Mapping
  • Test Pits, Shafts and Trenches
  • Model Load Testing and Monitoring of Foundation Performance


In-situ Evaluation of Rock Condition and Cavity Probing

  • Rock Probing for Cavity Detection
  • Geophysical Testing


Geotechnical Analysis and Design

  • Design of Shallow Foundations (Footings, Raft, Anchored)
  • Design of Deep Foundations (Diaphragms Walls, piles, Piers)
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Landslide Studies
  • Design of Earth Dams
  • Soil and Rock Stabilization
  • Foundations Subjected to Vibrations (Machine Foundations)
  • Earthquake Studies and Liquefaction Potential Analysis
  • Design of Shore Protection Works
  • Pavement Analysis, Design, Evaluation and Maintenance


Geotechnical Processes

  • Load Testing of Piles
  • Dewatering for Construction
  • Grout Injection


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